How to Get a Girl to Like You Again

how to get a girl to like you again video

Most of the advice found online teaching how to get a girl to like you again and getting your ex back are usually the same recycled tips on just about every website, or strategies that contradict each other and just end up confusing you. Leaving you in worse shape then when you started.

If you follow the wrong information or take the wrong advice, you are guaranteed to make your situation much worse.

Do you want to get her back or push her away?

The first thing you should do is stop taking advice from your friends (or teens with relationship advice on Youtube or other social sites).

You need an experts’ advice. I found a FREE video from Mike Griswold, Subliminal Attraction Expert.

Mike offers an abundance of creative new methods that reveal tips, steps and secrets on getting her interested again. It’s HUGE. Click here to check it out.

Stop doing the typical things guys do to get a girl to like them again. Things like constantly telling her you’ll change, you’re sorry and begging. Begging’s the

You’ve probably seen others do this, how did they look to you? When she hears those generic lines, she won’t trust you.

Learn exactly what to say and how to act.

Learn how to get a girl to like you again from a Subliminal Attraction Expert

How would it feel if she called you? Start thinking about what you’re going to say when she does.

This video explains about how to get inside your exs’ head.  You think she doesn’t like you anymore because of something you did, but she just doesn’t know how to handle it. But you will.

This approach to getting your ex back and/or getting her to like you again is so much different that any I’ve seen.

Find out how to persuade her without trying to convince her. So you don’t sound desperate. Girls hate desperate.

Some of the stuff covered in the video:

  • Why a writing her the wrong letter will backfire
  • How getting her back is easier than you think
  • Understanding what happened
  • What to say when she calls YOU

and there’s a lot more to learn about.

Like Facebook Jujitsu. How to setup your profile and pictures so she sees you in a whole new light.

And Argument Amnesia. How to get her to forget about your mistakes.

Mike talks about 3 text messages to get her into you again.

Lie detector videos, iPod therapy, Apology 101  and more.

Click here to watch the FREE video helping you learn how to get a girl to like you again.

Stop taking advice from your friends and teens on Youtube who have never even had to deal with what you’re going through..

Being in the wrong frame of mind will only hurt your chances of getting her interested again. Because we all do stupid things in desperation thinking we’re doing the right thing, but it always backfires.

What are you going to say to her when she calls you?

Whether you want to know how to get a girl to like you again in high school or if your long-term relationship is going south. There’s still hope and learning the secrets will make her come looking for you.

If you’re serious about getting her interested in you again click here to learn not only exactly what to do but more importantly what NOT to do.


PS – If you believed you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, or your situation is too unique for the methods listed above, there’s still hope.

You may be using the wrong techniques on her. What works awesome for one girl may not work at all with another girl.

Click here to watch a FREE video that describes inception style techniques to get her chasing you. These are only to be used when nothing else works. These tips are not exactly fair to her – but they work!

The video also reveals sexual triggers that her logical mind won’t pick up on, but will have her salivating. It’s a long video, but check it out it’s very informative.

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