How do you know if a girl likes you

You may be wasting time learning how to get a girl to like you, what if she already does like you? How do you know if a girl likes you or not?

We’ll spend hours analyzing everything she said or did. We have to channel Sherlock Holmes and recruit anyone that will listen to become our Watson.

While it’s so easy to notice when a girl likes someone else, when it comes to ourselves, we’re pretty much blind.

There are some situations where you can’t tell if the girl hates you, likes you as a friend or is totally in love with you.

The best people to shed light on this subject would have to be the experts; Girls!

Videos explaining how to know if a girl likes you:


How to tell if a girl is interested in you video by Jlovetalk. Link to video



How to know if a girl likes you video from QueenSahperia.  link to video

Sometimes it’s good to get a female perspective, and to keep balance in the universe, i chose videos from a blonde and a brunette. You’re welcome.

This question was asked over at Yahoo! Answers. There were many responses, mostly by kids:

Sometimes we act all quiet and try to be cool because we really like you. (It’s hard to show our emotions. We’re afraid that if we act like ourselves, you’ll hate us, so we try to be something we aren’t.) If we look at you a lot, and when you look we blush or grin

link to article

Listening to most of your friends (or kids in general) isn’t usually going to do you any good. They’ll just tell you what they read in Maxim or saw in a teen comedy.

  • If a girl ignores you, she likes you. Well, I have girls that don’t know me that ignore me. I also have girls that can’t stand me that ignore me. And what about the girls that think I talk too much? That’s right, they ignore me too. Great, now everyone’s ignoring me.
  • If a girl touches herself (not like that, perv) when she’s talking to you, she likes you. Or maybe she has a rash.
  • If a girl touches you when she talks to you, she likes you. Or maybe she’s just touchy. You know those people.

You can basically read whatever you want into a situation to make it work for you or against you. Just try not to go mad over analyzing everything.

Here’s one last tip:

If a she’s having sex with you, that’s how you know if she likes you.

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