How Do You Get a Girl to Like You

How do you get a girl to like you? Usually when a guy is trying to learn how to get a girl to like him, he tries too hard. He jumps right in without thinking about what he’s doing and he goes overboard. He’s a little too loud, or in her face too much.

When guys try too hard to attract a girls attention, they talk (or even yell) louder than everyone else or they try to 1 up someone else by bragging. When a girl notices this kind of lame attempt to win her affection, her reaction is usually negative.

Obvious attempts to get a girl to like you are usually done in vain. Although sometimes it may work if the girl is flattered or she finds it cute. But there is usually already some kind of attraction already there and the attempts may push her feelings over the edge.

Being obnoxious will get people to notice you but not always in a good way. Some women like loud obnoxious people, but those women are usually somewhat obnoxious themselves.

The loud, obnoxious, cocky and funny approach can work but you have to be a guy that can pull this off at the drop of a hat. If it looks like all of a sudden you’re Mr. Loud Guy, when normally you’re not it will come off as forced and she might just think you’re a spaz.

Usually when something is forced, it rarely works, and if by chance it does work, it doesn’t last long.

How do you get a girl to like you

Being subtle is a better way to get a girl to like you. Doing things indirectly so it doesn’t appear so obvious is a lot smoother than yelling or bragging. Starting small and building momentum is more effective than yelling in her face.

If she over hears people (other girls) talking about how awesome you are because you saved a baby from drowning, that would be a nice organic way to get a girl to like you, or at least plant the seed and get her interested initially.

If you can’t find a baby to save there are certainly other ways. If you are suppose to be meeting a group of people somewhere and the girl you want to like is going to be there, showing up late (or not at all)wil get everyone else talking about you and wondering where you are. Pretty soon she’ll be wondering where you are too.

And then maybe she”ll start wondering why she’s wondering.

Small subtle things add up. It may take a while longer than just bragging about how awesome you are, but it’s a bit more effective and doesn’t make you look like an asshole.

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