Welcome to How to get a girl to like you again dot org.

The advice on this site is written by people with plenty of experience in getting girls mad at them. I personally have had more women disgusted with me than anyone I know.

At first I would be worried about what happened. I would think the girl would never talk to me again. I’d spend all my time dwelling on what I did and what I thought I should do.

Like everybody else I thought I should apologize, beg for mercy, send gifts, etc.

Later I realized that was the wrong approach.

After years of experimenting (yes, I would actually piss girls off intentionally and see how far I could push the boundaries), I realize that no matter how bad things seem (unless you killed her pet or something), you can always win her back.

Whatever happened to me in the past, it has always worked out fine. If it works for me it will definitely work for you.

So stop worrying and relax.

So if you’re trying to get you ex back or you want to get another crack at a girl you just met, you came to the right place.

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