How to Get a Girl to Like You Again

how to get a girl to like you again video

Most of the advice found online teaching how to get a girl to like you again and getting your ex back are usually the same recycled tips on just about every website, or strategies that contradict each other and just end up confusing you. Leaving you in worse shape then when you started.

If you follow the wrong information or take the wrong advice, you are guaranteed to make your situation much worse.

Do you want to get her back or push her away?

The first thing you should do is stop taking advice from your friends (or teens with relationship advice on Youtube or other social sites).

You need an experts’ advice. I found a FREE video from Mike Griswold, Subliminal Attraction Expert.

Mike offers an abundance of creative new methods that reveal tips, steps and secrets on getting her interested again. It’s HUGE. Click here to check it out.

Stop doing the typical things guys do to get a girl to like them again. Things like constantly telling her you’ll change, you’re sorry and begging. Begging’s the

You’ve probably seen others do this, how did they look to you? When she hears those generic lines, she won’t trust you.

Learn exactly what to say and how to act.

Learn how to get a girl to like you again from a Subliminal Attraction Expert

How would it feel if she called you? Start thinking about what you’re going to say when she does.

This video explains about how to get inside your exs’ head.  You think she doesn’t like you anymore because of something you did, but she just doesn’t know how to handle it. But you will.

This approach to getting your ex back and/or getting her to like you again is so much different that any I’ve seen.

Find out how to persuade her without trying to convince her. So you don’t sound desperate. Girls hate desperate.

Some of the stuff covered in the video:

  • Why a writing her the wrong letter will backfire
  • How getting her back is easier than you think
  • Understanding what happened
  • What to say when she calls YOU

and there’s a lot more to learn about.

Like Facebook Jujitsu. How to setup your profile and pictures so she sees you in a whole new light.

And Argument Amnesia. How to get her to forget about your mistakes.

Mike talks about 3 text messages to get her into you again.

Lie detector videos, iPod therapy, Apology 101  and more.

Click here to watch the FREE video helping you learn how to get a girl to like you again.

Stop taking advice from your friends and teens on Youtube who have never even had to deal with what you’re going through..

Being in the wrong frame of mind will only hurt your chances of getting her interested again. Because we all do stupid things in desperation thinking we’re doing the right thing, but it always backfires.

What are you going to say to her when she calls you?

Whether you want to know how to get a girl to like you again in high school or if your long-term relationship is going south. There’s still hope and learning the secrets will make her come looking for you.

If you’re serious about getting her interested in you again click here to learn not only exactly what to do but more importantly what NOT to do.


PS – If you believed you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, or your situation is too unique for the methods listed above, there’s still hope.

You may be using the wrong techniques on her. What works awesome for one girl may not work at all with another girl.

Click here to watch a FREE video that describes inception style techniques to get her chasing you. These are only to be used when nothing else works. These tips are not exactly fair to her – but they work!

The video also reveals sexual triggers that her logical mind won’t pick up on, but will have her salivating. It’s a long video, but check it out it’s very informative.

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How to Get a Girl to Like You Again when all else Fails

How to get a girl to like you again when nothing else works

how-to-get-a-girl-to-like-you-again-01If you think you’ve used every technique or that the tips and secrets you’ve learned won’t work because of your individual situation, don’t worry. There’s still hope for you.

It’s quite possible you’re using the wrong techniques on her. After all, she’s unique. Different women respond to different things. While some of the information on getting her interested in you again is groundbreaking, it’s just not possible that every single trick is going to work on every single girl.

What works well for one female may not work at all with another.

Click here to watch a FREE video that explains inception style techniques you can use to get her chasing you.

The video reveals some amazing tricks, like sexual triggers. It’s a long video, but check it out. It’s very informative. Take the first step in learning how to get a girl to like you again when nothing else works.

There was this one girl years ago that i connected with somehow, she was amazing. I didn’t know why she was into me and neither did any of my friends (or her friends). But i didn’t ask why, I just accepted it.

Eventually something happened (as usual) and she was upset with me. This was before i knew anything about how t handle women so i acted without thinking out of desperation. I acted the same way every other guy does when he loses the girl he likes. Like an idiot.

I apologized and begged her to come back. Looking back, i know i looked and acted like a fool.

I did the opposite of what every relationship ‘guru’ tells not to do.

But it worked. She came back.

I had no idea what I was doing back then and if i had to do it over again, i would probably do it differently (because I think I know everything).

The only reason that acting like a pathetic fool worked was because that’s what she wanted. Most girls wouldn’t have reacted the same way. Because girls usually hate when guys act desperate.

There are psychological triggers you can use on women to get them interested in you without them realizing what you’re doing.

Learn what to say to a girl so she will melt in your hands (and your mouth).

So click here to learn how to get a girl to like you again when all else fails. It’s a FREE video that explains covert techniques on how to get a girl to like you. Once you learn These sexual triggers, she be wanting you. What are you going to say when she calls?

the video is long but its very informative and you may never look at girls the same way again. Watch the whole video, it reveals secrets about women you’ve never heard (I never knew these tricks until I saw the video). It has audio so wear your headphones if you’re at school or work.

Don’t Worry about How to Get A Girl to Like You Again

In learning how to get a girl to like you again, remember that women in general are forgiving. More so than most men. They are nurturing, caring and they will forgive you for just about anything. Regardless of the front they put up.

They want to care, sometimes they care a little too much. Even if they seem really miffed at you, keep in mind that women love drama.

There are women who take verbal and physical beatings from their boyfriends and husbands and always go back to them and sometimes never even leave them at all. Sometimes they’re scared to leave the abusive man, but many times it’s because they still have feelings for them even after all the violence.

how-to-get-a-girl-to-like-you-again-02Some girls will put up with just about anything. So whatever it is you did or said to her, chances are she’s been through worse.

But regardless of how serious the situation is, you probably won’t be in the right frame of mind to deal with it properly. If you’re worried about it or stressed out about what happened you won’t be thinking straight.

You’re going to act out of desperation and do stupid things to worsen the matter. That’s not how to get a girl to like you again.

Ask yourself this:

Do you feel like you have to do something about it immediately? Like it can’t wait another second?

If the answer is yes, you need to stop right now. Don’t take any actions while you are so consumed by the thoughts of her. Do not apologize. Do not send notes. Do not send gifts. Do nothing.

Don’t do anything while you’re in that state of mind. Relax. Re-group. Get your head together. Realize it’s not the end of the world and that forcing things and rushing will only make matters worse.

Take some time out and concentrate on something else for awhile. Watch a movie, do a hobby, whatever. Take your mind off it for a bit.

While you’re getting your head together, she can take time to register whats happened. Once the initial disaster is over, many times things don’t seem so bad after the dust has cleared.

Once you turn your attention back to the situation, you can look at it from a whole new perspective. While you’re obsessed with the ‘problem’ it seems your whole world is crashing down. When you look at it in a new light you can realize its not a problem at all, but a situation.

 ”Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” -Henry Ford

The point of view determines how you feel. If you see that things are bad, they’re bad. If you realize it’s no big deal, it’s no big deal.

How many times have you dreaded a certain deadline, meeting, etc. You would think about how bad it was going to be or just plain worried about it. But when that day came it was never as bad as you speculated.

The botton line is not to get worked up over it. Don’t worry about something before it’s time to worry. And when you think it is time to worry, don’t worry, it isn’t.

It’s time to learn how to get a girl to like you again.

Learn How to Get a Girl to Like You Again

How to get a girl to like you again regardless of what you did

Whether she’s a girl you’ve been in a steady relationship with and it ended or a girl you recently met and made a connection with and then she lost interest. You can get her to like you again, regardless of what happened.

I can’t even count how many times an encounter with a girl that i liked didn’t go well. She ignored me, she acted like she didn’t like me or acted like the way she did before we were friendly with each other.

how-to-get-a-girl-to-like-you-again-03I would think about our encounters, going over each one in my head again and again trying to figure out what happened. Was it something i said? Something I did? Maybe she overheard what i said about her to a friend, or someone told her what i said about her boobs, etc.

Or maybe i knew exactly what I did. Maybe I made an enormous ass out of myself around her or just plain insulted her right to her face.

It would consume me. I would go to sleep worrying about it and wake up stressed out about it. All day I would analyze every little thing. What she said, what she didn’t say, her tone of voice, her speech patterns, body language, facial expressions…

It drove me crazy.

It effected my entire day. My work and my social life would suffer. My friends would notice i wasn’t my usual self. And forget about talking to other girls. No girl wants to be with a guy who’s moping around acting desperate feeling sorry for himself.

When I acted in desperation and did foolish things to win her back i would end up making things worse.

Many times when i did nothingat all, or just avoided her out of embarassment When i would finally encounter her, everything would be back to normal. She would act as if nothing ever happened.

I spent all that time worrying for nothing.

So while you’re trying to learn about how to get a girl to like you again, one of the most important factors is to stop worrying about it. Don’t dwell on it because it may be nothing. It may be something so minute, that she didn’t even notice.

Her change in attitude could be from problems at home, work, school, etc. Maybe her dog died or she got in a fight with her best friend. Maybe what you said or did was horrible but it pales in comparison to what her other problems are.

So relax, if it blows over, you’re golden. If it turns out to be a little more serious, then you came to the right place.

Everythings going to be alright.